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Pet Micro-chipping

Sykes being micro-chipped Sykes being micro-chipped

Microchips can be a very useful way of permanently identifying your pet. This can help with tracing owners if a pet strays. A microchip is essential if you plan on travelling abroad with your pet.

Compulsory microchipping of all dogs has been introduced since April 2016.

The microchip is inserted under the skin in dogs and cats, between the shoulder blades and cannot normally be felt. Insertion can be done by a vet or nurse and only takes a few minutes. Microchips legally need to be inserted before 8 weeks old in dogs (around the time of the vaccination in puppies). Other species of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and reptiles can also be microchipped – please contact the surgery if you have any specific questions.

We also have 'Biotherm' microchips available which, in addition to carrying the unique identifying number of your pet, can measure its body temperature. They can be used for basic screening of temperature although we do sometimes need to confirm precise temperature changes with the traditional rectal thermometer.

Microchips are FREE on the Pet Health Club - find out more by clicking the link