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Price List

Check out our prices below

  Standard Price
Consultation £53.50
Consultation Re-examination £53.00
Consultation 2nd Opinion £100.00
Consultation New Pet £29.50
Consultation Medication Review £53.50
Snowdonia Eye Vets First Referral Consultation £245.00
Snowdonia Eye Vets Referral Re-Examination £155.00
Dog / Puppy First Vaccination £68.00
Dog / Puppy Second Vaccination £66.00
Dog Booster Vaccination £68.00
Kennel Cough Vaccination £50.00
Kennel Cough Vaccination (at the time of booster) £36.00
Cat / Kitten First Vaccination £68.00
Cat / Kitten Second Vaccination £66.00
Cat Booster Vaccination £68.00
Microchip Implantation £33.25
Clip Nails (Basic) £24.50
Empty Anal Glands £24.50
Cat Castration £95.00
Cat Spay £125.00
Dog Castration (price dependent on weight of your pet – please ask for the exact amount)  £260.00 - £345.00
Bitch Spay (price dependent on weight of your pet – please ask for the exact amount)  £340.00 - £445.00
Dispensing Fee - Is Applied to every medication dispensed to you prices vary with each medication.  £13.00
Written prescription (1st prescription / per additional prescription)  £30.00 / £25.00

Please note this is intended as a guide only and is not exhaustive. Please ask about specific prices for the treatment of your pet. Prices (correct as of March 2024) are subject to change without warning. 

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