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Pet Behaviour

Maisie and Jay doing sit and stay Maisie and Jay doing sit and stay
Michelle Michelle

We all want our pets to understand us and behave in an obedient and friendly manner. We also want them to be content and relaxed in our normal day to day environments.

It is an owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet is safe and well socialised and able to exhibit normal and natural behaviours allowing it to lead a happy life.

Here at Cibyn Veterinary Clinic we strive to help our clients in training and socialisation of their pets. There is a lot we can do to help sort out unwanted behaviour with desensitisation, medication and behavioural modification techniques.

We provide behavioural support from an early age with longer appointments for first vaccinations to discuss any concerns. Our nurses run regular puppy parties and we support and treat animals with phobias and behavioural problems including noise phobias, separation anxiety, aggression and training/handling problems by running detailed behavioural consultations.

Michelle our qualified nurse has gained her NVQ level 4 Advanced Diploma in Canine behaviour.

Please call us to arrange an appointment with her. (Charges apply)