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Pre-Breeding Health Scheme/Screening

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When it is done well, breeding from your pet can be a very enjoyable experience for all. A healthy litter of pups or kittens can be a delight to have around. However they can also be quite a handful and need a lot of care and attention from day one to become happy and loving adults. As a responsible breeder you need to put your pet’s health and needs, and those of the litter, first.

It is important to breed only from healthy and good-tempered animals. This means considering character and temperament, age, health, and your own situation. You should try to breed only from animals which are free from inherited health conditions in order to maintain the future health of our pets. We are happy to check your animal for conditions such as heart murmurs, hernias, and undescended testicles, and may also advise further tests such as eye testing (which can be done with us by Mrs Hubbard as we are lucky enough to have her as an eye panel member on our team) or x-rays for hip and elbow scoring.

You will need to read up before you breed. You will need to know the basics about breeding and parturition (birth) so that you know when to contact us if things are not going to plan. It is also important to have some idea of the involvement it will require from you in terms of possible costs, and time. The litter will normally be with you for around eight weeks, and by this time they need to be well socialised to avoid later behavioural problems.

If you are considering breeding from your pet please come and see one of the vets for a discussion.