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Monday - Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm
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Nurses Clinic

Millie having her nails clipped by a nurse Millie having her nails clipped by a nurse
One of our nurses making careful records One of our nurses making careful records

At Cibyn Vet Clinic we offer nurses clinics. With our team of qualified nurses we offer a friendly service where you can come and talk to us about any worries. We will also offer advice about the simplest of things; from applying flea treatment to adolescent puppy advice.

We offer flea checks for those that are unsure if their pet has any. This also gives you the opportunity for us to apply the treatments.

We are also very willing to discuss worming your pet and will help you learn to dose your animals effectively at home.

Our puppy adolescent checks are for soon-to-be-teenage dogs (4-6months). This allows us to see you and your family and tackle any niggles-behaviour, training, feeding etc. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about flea and worm treatments, neutering, how to clip nails etc.

Each month we run a 'Puppy Party' for those puppies between 1st and 2nd vaccines that cannot go out to socialise yet.

Nurses are also trained to remove stitches, change bandages and perform post operative checks on your pet.

Kathy & Selina are our dental nurses. They have a keen interest in educating our clients on homecare for your pets teeth.

Michelle has passed her Level 3 in Canine Behaviour and is currently finishing her Level 4. She is now taking on cases to help our clients with any issue they may have. 

Cherise is our 'weight watchers' nurse. She can provide our clients with hints and tips on how to reduce (or gain) weight in your pet.