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Tess having her stitches out after being neutered Tess having her stitches out after being neutered

Neutering is also known as spaying in females (removing the uterus, womb and both ovaries) and castration in males (removing both testicles). The decision to neuter, or not, is an important one for a responsible owner to make. This applies to cats and dogs, but also rabbits and ferrets.

Benefits of neutering can include:

  • Avoidance of unplanned pregnancies (all species) and reduction of the stray population (especially cats)
  • Reduced risk of prostate disease (males)
  • Reduced risk of mammary cancers and womb infections (females) which can be life threatening
  • Reducing unwanted behaviours such as fighting and wandering, and associated risks of diseases such as FIV (cat AIDs – particularly in male cats)
  • Reduction in food intake requirements – the metabolism slows a little meaning that less food is needed to maintain a healthy bodyweight

Risks can include:

  • The risks associated with any surgery or anaesthetic – much lower in planned operations on fit healthy animals, as is the case with most neutering
  • There is debate on whether urinary incontinence in some breeds of female dogs as they get older can be a result of spaying – this is normally well controlled with medication and not life threatening

We are always happy to discuss the risks and benefits to your particular pet, and your individual circumstances, and to help you make the best decision for your pet.

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