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Stray Cat Policy


Stray Cats

Stray Cat Policy - January 2018

We have had many stray cats brought in over recent months and we generally have a few brought in at some point during the year. We would like to make our policy clear for anyone who finds a stray cat.

1. We will always provide emergency first aid for sick and injured animals

2. We will always check any animal for a microchip (within working hours). If there is an unregistered microchip or one with untraceable details, the animal will be considered as an un-chipped stray.

3. We are not a rehoming centre and are not able to take on ‘healthy’ strays. It is not good for their welfare for them to be kept confined in a veterinary environment when they are healthy. It is also not ideal for our poorly patients.

a. We will happily examine any animal free of charge to determine that it is healthy.

b. The RSPCA suggest putting paper collars on cats to say that they have been ‘visiting’ other homes / considered a stray and releasing them in the same place. We can provide these or you can print them from the RSPCA website.

4. When an animal needs veterinary treatment the finder must call the RSPCA before bringing it to us and get a log number. 0300 1234 999. This enables us to perform emergency treatments.

5. When a stray is taken into the clinic, attempts to rehome it will begin as soon as it is fit and well, however any prospective new owners need to be aware that if the original owner comes forward to claim the animal, they must return it immediately.

6. Owners claiming a stray as theirs should ideally provide some sort of ‘proof’ of ownership e.g. photos of animal.


Dental Awareness Month


Did you know that dental disease is one of the most common diseases of our pets?

Did you know that you could help prevent it?

It’s not just dogs and cats either; Rabbits can be prone to dental issues too.

If you would like to make an appointment for your pet to see one of our dental nurses, Kathy or Selina (who particularly likes the bunnies!) for a check-up, we can advise you on the condition of your pets’ mouth and what you can do for preventative treatment at home and if a scale and polish is required.

Appointments available Wednesday mornings, Tuesday & Thursday afternoons.

Call 01286 673026 to book your appointment.

Remember that Pet Health Club members can get discount on dental products and services.

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