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Christmas Top Tips for you and your Pet.


Christmas Tree and Decorations

The Christmas tree can easily be knocked over and glass ornaments can break causing harm to your pet.

Think of a safe position for your tree to keep your animals safe.

Real trees drop their needles which can become embedded into paws.

Avoid hanging chocolate decorations as these are poisonous to animals.


Think of sweets filled with alcohol and Christmas pudding. Keep these out of reach. Symptoms can be vomiting, tremors and seizures.

Gifts and Toys 

Take care when opening presents.

Animals can ingest elastic bands, tags, ribbons, batteries and paper.

Eating foreign objects can cause choking, vomiting and diarrhoea.


Turkey meat is not often eaten, so given as a one off to your pet may cause tummy upsets. This may cause lethargy, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Be careful with meat bones as these can cause obstructions in the intestines.

Cooked bones are worse.

If you are concerned about your pet, please call the practice. We are happy to help and advise


Senior Wellness Campaign


Over 75 % of Senior Pets over 8 years will have signs or symptoms of one of these diseases?

That’s up to 4 in every 5 that we see!



Diabetes Mellitus

Cognitive decline

Chronic Kidney Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (and other associated disease)


Dental Disease



It is difficult to spot the signs early on, a change in eating habits may be looked at as a ‘bit fussy’ when in fact it could be associated with decline in appetite (kidney disease), nausea (thyroid disease, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel) or pain (dental disease, osteoarthritis). 

It’s hard when Fido seems not so keen on his walks or stiff after exercise and he can’t go on his favourite jaunts.  But what if we can help him go back to enjoying life again without the pain of creaky joints? We even have a local acupuncturist and physiotherapist who are keen to get involved with mobility issues without drug therapy.

We are offering;

  • full consultation with our trained veterinary surgeons who have shown a special interest in helping the older pet,
  • comprehensive blood screen which includes the most advanced early warning test for kidney disease, as well as a thyroid screen, liver screen, full red and white blood cell screen and many other tests as well! 
  • We can perform a urine test and dry eye test for dogs - Please let us know if you need help catching a sample!

All this would normally cost over £120 - We will be charging just £61.

Get your elderly friend booked in for their health check off.

T&C's apply. Senior Wellness Terms and Conditions.docx


Help Your Pet this Firework Season



For many people, fireworks are exciting to look at, and may be a great way to make your bonfire or new years party go with a bang. For a lot of pets, though, they are a frightening ordeal, with many loud bangs for reasons they do not understand. We can do a lot to help our pets deal with fireworks better.


Start early – if you have a pet with a firework phobia, using desensitisation CDs like ‘Sounds Scary’ can be a great way to gently get your pet used to the noises over a period of several weeks or months. Beware that if you use these wrongly you can make the problem worse, so you must read all instructions, and then read them again. The DogsTrust do have some sounds on their website that you may be able to use. 


Consider calming aids – we stock a variety of herbal supplements that, while they don’t always work for every pet, can help to take the edge off of the anxiety and help your pet to feel a bit more secure. Most of these can be safely given without your pet needing to see the vet, but you should always make an appointment if you have any worries at all about their health or well-being. We also have pheromone diffusers like Adaptil for dogs (also in a collar) and Feliway for cats, which again are designed to make the animal feel more secure without using drugs. 


For pets who are severely distressed and at risk of injuring themselves or damaging possessions we can prescribe stronger tranquilisers and anti-anxiety medication, following a consultation with a vet.


Reduce the noise – close the windows and curtains, and consider leaving them in a room with fewer outside walls. Let your pet snuggle with blankets, and if they sleep in a crate cover this with a towel or blanket, if they dont - create a den and encourage your pet top use it - feed them in it and play games in there. Ensure they have close access to food and water. Leaving the TV or radio on can also help to muffle the noises outside.


Try to continue with your normal routine as much as possible.


Remember the little ones – hutch or shed pets including rabbits and guinea pigs are just as scared as cats or dogs, so if possible bring the hutch inside, and again covering it can help to muffle the sounds.


If in doubt, come and chat to us about helping your pet to enjoy the firework season as much as you do.

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